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The New Metaverse

Tokyo Clone is our most ambitious project, yet the beginning of your identity on Metaverse.

A whole eco-system built for our community. A collection of 3333 avatars that are fighting for their existence with amazing features that gives you access to In-Game Metaverse NFT Drops, Live events and reward and governance systems.

A sorrowful tale in which the fates of humans and demons intertwine... begins now!

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Discover our characters at your disposal from the available factions. Prepare yourself for an enormous battle against the evil forces for glory. Which fate you end-up following is your legacy.


Warriors are the protectors of the fields. Indoctrinating others into taking a leap of faith and fighting.


The saviors of the Universe. Only 9 of them rule the whole world, Only when the world needs them themost they appear.


The wickedness in the streets of Tokyo doesn’t end with Ghouls. Having powers no one else obtains.


Humans make up the core citizens of the Tokyo Streets. Living in peace was the last good thing that happened to them in a long time. Now living in an impending calamity.

Road Map

Website is live. Whitelisting starts. Storyline is out. Community decisions.
Game-roadmap introduction. Creative artist community building. Mint date determined. Community Spaces.
Mintings start. Minting’s sold out. Game reveal date is set. THE NEW METAVERSE IS UNLEASHED.
Factions are settled. Unlocking new experiences while playing the game with the community. Partnerships. Whitelist Marketplace P2E Game DAO Decisions


There are gonna be 3333 mintable avatars available on the Ethereum blockchain.
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